Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The Front Gate
The Front Lane

The Pond

Back Pasture

Garden and Orchard (rear view)

Garden and Orchard (front view)

Back Lot

His name is "Antonio" the guard gator

The weekend cabin nearing completion

Here is the cabin as it sets today. Much left to do, if I can just stay away from the garden and orchard area and focus. The pressure treated deck is about dry enough to apply the sealant. Need to install the windows and door and complete interior. It sets about 3-4 feet off the ground. Total ares is 8X16 with half being deck and other half covered. Windows on all four side allows 360 degree view. It is a little overkill, I know but supported by 24 4x4 24inches in ground. Deck is 2x6 treated lumber. 2x6 floor joist and rafters. Stud walls are 2x4 on 16 inch centers. Shingled roof and 1/2 inch pressure treated plywood for exterior walls. Have a 3/4 inch plywood floor under roof. It is located between the garden and orchard area and the back lot.